Addressing Sexual Harassment and Assault Against Women in Contra Costa County, California

Sexual harassment and assault against women is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. In Contra Costa County, California, there are several initiatives in place to help prevent and tackle these issues. Community Violence Solutions (CVS) is a prevention and outreach service that works in Contra Costa and Marin counties to raise awareness of sexual violence and teach risk reduction strategies. The unit is a vertical processing unit, meaning that an assistant district attorney is assigned to the case from start to finish.

This allows for more efficient processing, as the prosecutor has in-depth knowledge of the case, and also allows for a better relationship between the victim and the prosecutor. CVS makes every effort to respect victims' requests for confidentiality and to treat these cases with sensitivity and respect. The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors formed the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse (Alliance) sixteen years ago. This alliance provides support services for victims of sexual assault and harassment, as well as education and prevention programs for the community. They work with local law enforcement agencies to ensure that victims are treated with respect and dignity throughout the process.

The Alliance also works with local businesses to create policies that protect employees from sexual harassment or assault. The Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office has a specialized unit dedicated to prosecuting cases of sexual harassment and assault against women. This unit is committed to ensuring justice for victims by providing them with access to resources such as legal assistance, counseling, support groups, and other services. In addition, they work with local schools and businesses to create policies that protect employees from sexual harassment or assault. Overall, Contra Costa County is taking steps towards addressing sexual harassment and assault against women. Through initiatives such as Community Violence Solutions, the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse, and the District Attorney's Office's specialized unit, victims are provided with access to resources that can help them cope with their experiences.

In addition, local law enforcement agencies are working hard to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.

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