Women's Rights in Contra Costa County: Current Issues and Challenges

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is a leading member advocacy group that works to protect women's rights, promote equality, and combat injustice in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. NOW advocates for a wide range of economic justice issues that affect women, from the glass ceiling to the sticky floor of poverty. These include welfare reform, living wages, employment discrimination, equal pay, housing reform, social security and pensions, and much more. We strongly support the adoption of CEDAW.

In Contra Costa County, California, there are a number of current issues that are impacting women's rights. One of the most pressing is the lack of recognition of the unique barriers that black women and other women of color face. This is an issue that is often overlooked in conversations about women's rights. Another issue is the lack of access to healthcare services for marginalized women living in rural areas, reserves, and communities affected by poverty.

At Saint Mary's College, the Women's Studies Program has been instrumental in helping to raise awareness about these issues. Through this program, students have had the opportunity to learn from inspiring women who have helped them find their voices. In 1998, WAG students led a march to create a resource center for women on campus, which is now the Center for Women and Gender Equity. The most important lesson to learn in women's studies is that regardless of who you are, you bring personal value.

Georgina Prado, 31, studies at Contra Costa College with an average of 3.4 and currently works as an emergency room technician. She plans to become a nurse and hopes to have a job in the future that helps the progress of women in the world and helps women who are trapped in abusive relationships. The case of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt was an important victory for women's rights in Contra Costa County. As Judge Stephen Breyer noted in his majority opinion, this case was “almost identical word for word to the law at issue in the Texas case”.

Once formally approved by the FDA, this decision will be critical for marginalized women living in rural areas, reserves and communities affected by poverty. Finally, it is essential to recognize the legacy of those who have fought for women's rights throughout their lives. The example set by those who have strived to fight against sexism and those who have fought against cancer demonstrates the power to show up, endure and advocate no matter what.

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