Empowering Women Through Education and Job Training Programs in Contra Costa County, California

Women's economic empowerment in Contra Costa County, California can be significantly impacted by access to education and job training programs. Skill Up Contra Costa has enabled past participants to gain digital certificates and badges in a variety of areas, such as project management, Microsoft Word & Excel, HIPAA, human resources, accounting, food industry standards, leadership and team building. Evan Decker is a permanent employee of the University District and a member of the Contra Costa County Adult Education Program Steering Committee. He is also the dean of Workforce and Economic Development at São Paulo in the Contra Costa Community College District.

Decker has a deep interest in the policies, responsibility, and economic impact of San Pablo and western Contra Costa County. The Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board (WDBCCC) and Human and Employment Services offer free access to professional online courses. Metrix's “Prove It” feature provides assessments which job seekers can use to assess and document their knowledge and skills in a given area. The Summer Youth Employment Pilot Program (SYEP) was the first program of CCWORKS, which included four students who participated in county district offices, including WDBCCC and two Employment & Human Services offices in Antioch and Richmond. The current employment rate in Contra Costa County is 26%. The Employment & Human Services Department (EHSD) works with the community to provide quality services that ensure access to resources that support, protect and empower individuals and families to become self-sufficient. The blog from the Contra Costa County Workforce Development Board provides updates on workforce development partnerships and innovations that are driving an equitable recovery in Contra Costa County.

Access to education and job training programs can help women gain economic empowerment by providing them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen field.

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